Whether your looking to get your vehicle cleaned up with a simple wax job, or want to remove every scratch and swirl from the paint while protecting your vehicle with a top notch ceramic coating, On Point Detailing is here for your every need.


What We Provide


With your standard Wash/Wax this service will protect your cars paint for up to 3-4 months.  This package includes your basic interior vacuuming, steam cleaning, decontaminating rims and tires, power washing, as well as using a foam cannon to shampoo the vehicle.  The vehicle is then air dried along with microfibers, while topping the paint off with a nice carnauba wax, as well as polishing chrome, cleaning all the door jams and leaving a streak free polish on all glass and mirrors.


Paint correction is great for cars that have a lot of scratches and swirls.  A clay bar will be used along with removing iron contaminants from the paint before polishing.  This service ensures both scratches and swirls are removed with a buffer, leaving a like new finish.  Top it off with a ceramic coating, wax or sealant and your vehicle will shine like no other. 


Traditional waxing has started to become a thing of the past. With ceramic coatings we are now able to provide protection on your paint to upwards of 5 years rather than a few months with waxing.  Ceramic coatings leave a lasting protection, with 9H hardness it protects your paint from scratching, as well as UV protection and exceptional hydrophobic qualities. Whether you just purchased a new vehicle or just want to get your car to look brand new, ceramic coatings leave a lasting protection without the hassle of constant maintenance.